• Country Origin: Turkey
IMAGE 1- SAGE Sage (Salvia Officinalis) has been used since ancient times. The Romans likely introduced it to Europe from Egypt. We have two varieties; Salvia and Salvia Officinalis. Trioba has very strong and fresh aroma. Grades are Rubbed and Whole leaves, packing as 10 kgs craft bags or 10 kgs carton boxes. Appearance: Pale grayish green leaf Aspect: Dried rubbed sage leaves Aroma & Test: Strong Calibration: 0.3 mm < 90% minimum < 3 mm Packaging: 10 kg carton boxes for whole leaves and 10 kg kraft bags for rubbed quality. Moisture: 10% max. Steam Volatile Oil: Between 1% and 2.5% Total Ash: 10% Max. Ash, Acid Ins. Ash: Ash: 1% Max.