Pecorino cheese

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- PECORINO SARDO: Semi-hard cheese made from sheep's milk, exclusively in Sardinia, in the two types Dolce and Mature. The sweet type was matured in 20/60 days while for Matured Pecorino curing time is over 2 months. Both are cylindrical shape with flat faces. Pecorino Sardo Dolc e has a smooth crust, white, soft, and the pasta with rare holes, has a sweet and slightly sour and is appreciated as a table cheese. While the Sardinian matured Pecorino has a crust that is higher from pale yellow or darker, the paste has a certain crumb and the taste is slightly spicy enough to make appreciable both table that grating. PECORINO ROMANO DOP: Hard cheese made from sheep's milk, it has the protected designation of origin since 1996, from Sardinia, Lazio and the province of Grosseto (Tuscany). His maturation has a minimum of five months, and its structure is very grainy and lends itself well to be grated.