• Country Origin: France
IMAGE 1- Meteor Blonde Refreshing and well balanced 4,6% ABV. in bottle- Colour: Pale straw Foam: Delicate - Nose : Malty with hoppy notes Flavour : Thirst quenching beer with enticing malty and hoppy notes and a crisp finish. A versatile beer to be savoured at all times. / IMAGE 2- Meteor Pils A personality that offers great finesse! 5% ABV. - Colour: a clear, pale yellow Foam: pure white with fine bubbles- Nose: very distinctive and aromatic, dominated by floral hops Flavour: this is our most hoppy beer. You can taste the bitterness and the full expression of the noble Strisselspalt hops. However, it remains very easy to drink and very light too. Enjoy with: seafood, especially crab, les langoustines and crayfish. / IMAGE 3- Wendelinus Blonde Take the time. Enjoy Wendelinus Blonde. 6.8% ABV.- Colour: Pale amber Foam : Creamy, dense- Nose : Spices and caramel Flavour: Soft on the palate, with a sweet, rich flavor against a spiced backdrop. Enjoy with: creamy cheeses such as Saint-Félicien and Saint-Marcellin. / IMAGE 4- Wendelinus Rossa Fruity pleasure 6% ABV.- Colour: Bright red hues Foam : Pink and abundant- Nose: Smooth and rich, dominated by red berries Flavour : a sweet beer, with dominant strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant fruit flavours. A good balance between sweetness, acidity and bitterness. Enjoy with: a dark chocolate dessert – a daring experience! / IMAGE 5- Wendelinus Tenebris Dark and Intense! 6% ABV.- Colour : A deep shining brown Foam : Velvety- Nose : Enticing toffee and roasted coffee notes Flavour: Smooth notes of coffee and dark chocolate well balanced with a hint of sweetness. Enjoy with: barbecued or roasted meat. / IMAGE 6- Alcohol Free Beer A true beer ! 1% ABV.- Colour : Golden Foam : Airy- Nose : Pure - Cereal Notes Flavour : Brewed with pure mal, the Meteor alcohol free is fine and balanced, with a light bitterness and discreet honey notes. Enjoy with a roast turkey fillet. / IMAGE 7- Meteor IPA BLOND BEER - HOPPY & FRUITY - TOP FERMENTED Head: dense and creamy- Colour: dark straw and hazy Nose: very fruity (exotic fruits) thanks to simcoe hop and a new alsatian "top secret" experimental hop. Taste: malty aromas are balanced by frank hops notes and laced with exotic fruits and mango notes. Delicate carbonation. / IMAGE 8- Meteor Blanche 4.7% ABV.- Colour : Hazy gold Foam : Pure white- Nose : Citrus notes Flavour : Hint of acidity, spices, thirst-quenching, light discreet bitterness, very fresh. Enjoy with: "fish and chips", a fresh salad with blue cheese. / IMAGE 9- Meteor Fruity Summer Pleasures 3% ABV.- Colour : Slightly orange Foam : Airy- Nose : Deliciously fruity. Yellow fruits, peach and almond Flavour : Light and thirst quenching beer that successfully combines the taste of the Meteor Blanche with a touch of peach and apricot flavours. Enjoy with: white fish / IMAGE 10- Meteor Grand Malt A great tasting moment. 5,5% ABV.- Colour : Pale amber Foam : Generous- Nose : Powerful and malty Flavour : Intense and malty flavor. Welle-balanced with a touch of bitterness. Enjoy with: pan-fried country vegetables. / IMAGE 11- Meteor Spring Beer It's spring 5,5% ABV.- Colour : Caramel, copper Foam : Generouss- Nose : Floral and Fruity Flavour : Light and fresh, with sweet white fruit aromas and a smooth bitterness. Enjoy with: a fruit dessert, raw vegetables served as an aperitif. / IMAGE 12- Meteor Christmas Beer The taste of unforgettable Christmas 5.8% ABV.- Colour : Amber with hints of caramel- Foam : Fine and pure white Nose : The smell of Christmas, mulled spiced and orange Flavour: Traditional winter beer with festive spices and zest of orange with a good lightness. Enjoy with: foie gras. / IMAGE 13- Meteor Shandy Beer The original recipe of the shandy 1% ABV.- Colour : Golden Light Nose : Malty and fresh lemon- Foam : Airy Flavour : Refreshing and light, this shandy combines a sweet and light bitterness with lemon flavours and malty notes. Enjoy with: a fruit tart (apples, Mirabelle plums…)