canned fish and seafood

  • Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- Baby razor clams The best selection of Baby Razor clams prepared through tradicional processes. They will surprise the most demanding palates, with firm and meaty texture / IMAGE 2- Clams Harvested when they reach their optimum size and flavor, DANI Chilean clams are one of the finest delicacies that our seas can offer. They are delicate, soft textured and offer an exquisite flavor. / IMAGE 3- Cockles Cockles hand caught, refined and selected according to their size, the salty flavor of the meat is very particular and characteristic / IMAGE 4- Cod-Fish A classic dish from the Basque gastronomy, it is ideal to use it in casseroles, as an appetizer, as a main course or accompanied with rice and or vegetables / IMAGE 5- Crab The crab meat, with its light meat and tasty flavour it is ideal to accompany your salads or appetizers on any occasion. / IMAGE 6-Cuttlefish It is served with a vegetable oil or sauces made from all-natural ingredients, such as hot sauce or garlic. They are the best choice for your appetizer. / IMAGE 7- Jumbo squid Canned tacos are made from raw materials of the highest quality, keeping all their properties and excellent flavor. Discover the thickest and tenderest tacos accompanied with delicious sauces only made with natural ingredients. / IMAGE 8- Lumpfish and herring roe A delicacy, rich and luxurious, that captures the essence of the sea. From its buttery soft and delicate texture, black color and its persistence in the mouth, this roe gives a unique flavor. / IMAGE 9- Mackerel The Mackerel is the most prized of the blue fish for its flavor and consistency of the meat. Southern Mackerel from Dani, skinned and boned, are the best source of unsaturated fatty acids and are low in cholesterol, the quintessential Mediterranean product. / IMAGE 10- Mussels Extracted at the optimum time from the best mussel farms representing the highest quality and size. With great texture, color uniformity, clean and tasty, they are the result of a careful selection and preparation process. / IMAGE 11- Northern white tuna Quality and traditional flavor, the Nothern white tuna DANI is characterized by its white flesh, great taste and a softer texture than the rest of its species. / IMAGE 12- Octopus The Octopus DANI is prepared from mollusk tentacles, hand cut and prepared by only adding oil to keep them preserved so as to allow the enjoyment of their authentic and distinctive flavor. A real treat for the palate. / IMAGE 13- Paella mix Dani makes a selection of the best seafood and combines them with an assortment of vegetables to prepare the best paellas quickly and tasty. Contains squids, mussels, cockles, peas, onion, carrots and other ingredients that will make your delicious paellas. / IMAGE 14- Pink clams Straight from the cold seas south of Chile, DANI brings you their best clams, with a unique flavor, smooth texture and distinctive pink color. Ideal for any starter. / IMAGE 15- Pink salmon Authentic high quality salmon, unique flavor and attractive appearance make it an indispensable ingredient in your snacks. / IMAGE 16- Razor clams Razor Clams hand collected, refined and selected according to their size, the sea flavor of their meat is very particular and characteristic. With an intense flavor and meaty texture, their use as part of a healthy balanced diet is highly recommended. / IMAGE 17- Sardines With their characteristic and intense flavor, they offer an attractive silvery appearance and with their magnificient presentation: bright, tasty and with a soft and juicy texture. / IMAGE 18- Shrimps From sea direct to the can, DANI prawns retain all the freshness, flavor and texture of the day they were caught. Thanks to its rigorous preservation method it maintains both its properties and nutrients at their optimum levels. / IMAGE 19- Small sardines Dani selects the best sardines, cut and cleaned by hand, which are then steamed cooked and packed in olive oil. They offer an attractive silvery appearance, creamy texture, intense fish flavor and with their magnificient presentation. They help achieve a Mediterranean diet thanks to their high content of Omega 3. / IMAGE 20- Small scallops DANI Small scallops are an exquisite shellfish, surprising both for their texture and flavour. Accompanied by their sauce, they delight even the most demanding palate. / IMAGE 21- Squid All our canned squid are made from the highest quality raw materials, keeping all their properties and great taste. We chose the tastiest squid and accompany them with delicious sauces made only with natural ingredients. / IMAGE 22- Stuffed squid The baby squid small in size and excellent for use in cooking, are prepared using tradicional processes in both the cleaning and canning steps, to respect the quality of the ingredients. / IMAGE 23- Surimi of baby eel Eel-shaped fish produced through the processing of white fish meat, the origins this product go back to Japan where it has been produced and sold for over half a century. A very healthy and nutritious food which is ideal for dressing salads, in mixed dishes or as a compliment to fish dishes. / IMAGE 24- Tuna Tuna fished from the finest international fishing grounds using Dolphin friendly practices, and selected for their size to obtain an unbeatable flavor, texture and color. / IMAGE 25- White baby clams Collected during the early autumn tides, when they reach their optimum size and flavor, it is one of the finest delicacies that our seas can offer. Hand-packed, natural and without artificial colors or preservatives, White Baby clams are the queens of their species, for its delicate, soft texture and exquisite flavor. / IMAGE 26- Yellowfin tuna Tuna fished from the finest international fishing grounds using Dolphin friendly practices, and selected for their size to obtain an unbeatable flavor, texture and color.