Ferschi cheese

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Ricottina La Mezzaluna Mezzaluna is our finest ricotta; it is made from cow’s and ewe’s whey, with the addition of ewe’s milk. It is extracted from the heart of the double bottom pan, where the ricotta is at its softest. You will appreciate its practical packaging of about 380 g. / IMAGE 2- Ricottina La Capricciosa La Capricciosa is a handy ricotta of about 380 g obtained by the processing of goat’s whey with the addition of goat’s milk. Its natural lightness makes this ricotta suitable for every diet and for healthy nutrition, while its pleasant taste and intense flavour will please the most exigent palate. / IMAGE 3- Ricottina La Mini Pec La Mini Pec is a delicate high quality ricotta, made using exclusively ewe’s whey with the addition of ewe’s milk. The small packaging of about 380 g is appreciated for take-away sales. Diminished availability in autumn. / IMAGE 4- Ricotta La Pec La Pec is a high quality ricotta of an intense flavour, obtained from ewe’s milk whey with the addition of ewe’s milk. The production decreases in autumn because of the diminishing availability of ewe’s milk. / IMAGE 5- Ricotta Adelina Ricotta of cow’s and sheep’s whey, the addition of cow’s milk makes the ricotta softer and creamy. Especially recommended for cooking, for baking preparation and for industrial production. It’s available also the pure ewe’s milk with an orange label. / IMAGE 6- Primo Amore Formaggio Tenero Toscano Primo Amore is a soft cheese made following the traditional recipe of the Tuscan “primosale”. Mainly made with cow’s milk in order to give the product a typical sweetness, while the addition of the ewe’s milk makes it particularly tasty and flavorful. It suits perfectly with seasonal vegetables, meats and cold dishes. Try it also grilled! / IMAGE 7- Baccellone Tondo Baccellone Tondo is a fresh cheese made from the same recipe as the “rectangular” one but using only ewe’s milk. Unlike its brother, this cheese stays longer in the brine, and for this reason it is tastier and slightly more compact. Production is usually in spring. / IMAGE 8- Baccellone Rettangolare Baccellone is a sweet fresh cheese very typical of Tuscany. It is eaten mainly in spring, together with broad beans (in Tuscany called “baccelli”). It is already well known in the cities of Pisa and Livorno, but thanks to its qualities it is becoming increasingly appreciated outside our territory. It is produced, as the ancient Tuscan recipe specifies, with cow’s milk with the addition of ewe’s milk. / IMAGE 9- Ricotta Luciana Luciana is our typical Tuscan ricotta, soft and delicate, made from both ewe’s and cow’s whey, with the addition of cow’s milk. It is named after the lady who in 1955 inherited the ancient family recipe from her father-in-law, Mr. Alessandro Busti, improving it over the years. GE 9- Ricotta Luciana / IMAGE 10-Ricotta Morbidosa Morbidosa is made with both cow’s and ewe’s whey; its characteristic is the extraordinary softness that is given to the product thanks to the addition of a considerable quantity of cow’s milk. Especially produced for the local market because of its short shelf life. We recommend that you eat it extremely fresh!