Tradizionali cheese

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- La Pecora Vera 140g Net Weight Pecora Vera is available also in the net weight 140 g. It is in a pratic packaging that keeps the organoleptic features of this medium maturation Pecorino. / IMAGE 2- Capriccio Toscano With Vegetable Rennet Formaggio a latte di capra, a caglio vegetale. Caprino, frutto di una particolare lavorazione, adatto ad essere consumato fresco. La delicata crosta è resa edibile dal mantello di muffe nobili selezionate che la ricoprono. Produzione limitata, disponibile solo su prenotazione. Prodotto altamente digeribile ideale anche per l’alimentazione vegetariana. / IMAGE 3- Morbidoso Toscano Morbidoso Toscano is a very young, creamy cheese with a mild flavour. It is produced with pasteurized cow’s milk and the addition of ewe’s milk. The soft mouldy rind is due to the inoculation of selected noble moulds that make the crust edible. / IMAGE 4- Ricche terre Pure Sheep Pecorino Ricche Terre is a young cheese with a tender and pale yellow texture. Once ripened on shelves of spruce, the wheels are treated with tomato paste and extra virgin olive oil, which helps to preserve the product and gives the characteristic red colour. In autumn it may be available in the mixed versi / IMAGE 5- Pecorino Del Busti Rosso The colour of Pecorino del Busti varies from white to light yellow according to its ripening. The crust is treated with tomato paste, which helps to preserve the product and gives it its characteristic red colour. This pecorino is produced mainly using ewe’s milk, but in autumn it may be available in the mixed version. / IMAGE 6- La Mini Pecora Vera A medium-matured pecorino of small size. The production technique and the recipe have remained unchanged throughout the years; the same goes for the treatment of the rind with olive oil grounds giving it its characteristic brown colour. La Mini Pecora Vera, once a typical local product, is also becoming increasingly appreciated abroad. We suggest you order it in advance for the Christmas holiday. / IMAGE 7- La Pecora Vera Pecora Vera is a delicious cheese of medium maturation that is produced only with ewe milk. It is appreciated for its homogeneous, white, slightly chalky texture that comes from an ancient production technique. Its characteristic brown colour is due to a surface treatment with olive oil grounds. / IMAGE 8- Marzolino Toscano Marzolino Toscano is a soft, sweet cheese typical of our Region. During the dry salting and ripening process, two twin wheels are placed one against the other and they are periodically turned in order to give the product its unique trapezoidal shape. The rind is treated with tomato paste and extra virgin olive oil. / IMAGE 9- Caciottina Toscana Caciottina Toscana is a table cheese with a firm texture and small in size. The rind is smooth and yellow, its colour varying according to the maturation. Its small size ensures that it is widely used, especially during Christmas time for Christmas hampers. / IMAGE 10- Caciotta Nonna Emma Caciotta Nonna Emma is a mixed cheese produced using cow and ewe milk, available throughout the year. It is well known for its soft and elastic texture and for its light yellow colour. / IMAGE 11- Il Cacino di Pura Pecora Rosso A small size pecorino, it differs from the “Cacino” because of the rind treatment with tomato paste and extra virgin olive oil that gives the product its typical red colour. Since it is made only with ewe’s milk, remember to place your orders in good time in autumn and before Christmas. / IMAGE 12- Il Cacino di Pura Pecora Cacino is a pecorino made with a classical production technique, with a straight-sided wheel of small size of 500 g. The texture is soft while the rind is thin and pale yellow. Maturation increases its creaminess, although even after a few days. / IMAGE 13- Timbrato del Busti Pure Sheep Timbrato is a symbol of the “i Tradizionali” family, easily recognizable by its typical red stamp on the upper face of the wheel. Maturation is relatively short. The cheese has a white colour and is characterized by its very small holes. This cheese has a sweet yet slightly sour flavour.