• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Capers Jar: 300g / 580g / 1700g / 3000g/ 2400 Fruit of the caper ruled in wine vinegar. Ideal as an accompaniment to aperitifs or delicious preparations in savory pastries, garnish salads, flavor seconds or enhance every first. / IMAGE 2- ARTICHOKES ar: 300g / 580g / 1700g / 3000g/ 2400 Artichokes, tender and crunchy, a great classic of Italian antipasti. Sodi, tasty, with full flavor and characteristic of the artichoke, are made only with carefully selected raw materials. They are perfect on their own as an aperitif or appetizer to enjoy them in all their goodness, or as a side dish to meat dishes or fish. / IMAGE 3- SUNDRIED TOMATOES IN OIL Jar: 300g / 580g / 1700g / 3000g/ 2400g Tasty tomatoes left to dry naturally and preserved in sunflower oil, because they’re good harvests in the season at the right stage of ripeness. This product can be served as an appetizer, as a garnish for salads or as a garnish for dishes based on meat and fish. IMAGE 4- ARTICHOKE HEARTS Can Whole artichokes in sunflower oil packaged in can. / IMAGE 5- FINE CHOPPED TOMATOES Can Fine pulp tomato in tomato juice for seasoning pizza. / IMAGE 6- TRICOLOR PEPPERS Can Red, yellow and green peppers. ideal for pizza. / IMAGE 7- CHAMPIGNONS SLICES Can Champignons slices are natural and have a brown color and an intense aroma typical of steamed mushrooms. Prepared with only the addition of salt and without any type of preservative.