le delizie cheese

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Lo Zafferano Pure Sheep The intense yellow colour of this pecorino is due to the addition of a sizeable quantity of saffron at the production phase. The saffron comes from the Val d’Orcia Park in Tuscany, and it gives the pecorino a very special taste. / IMAGE 2- IL Tartufo Il Tartufo is one of the best known Busti cheeses. The oldest in the “Delizie” range of products, it still enjoys considerable success. The texture is characterized by black truffles. / IMAGE 3- IL Mandorlo Pure Sheep Pecorino with minced Sicilian almonds mixed in, for a new and unusual flavour. We recommend it for your happy hour. / IMAGE 4- IL Pepe Nero Pure Sheep Black peppercorn and pecorino: an old combination but still up-todate. The black peppercorns are blended with the white and compact mixture in order to transfer all its aroma to the cheese during the ripening process. The taste is intense and appetizing. / IMAGE 5- IL Pepato Pure Sheep The crust of this pecorino is covered in extra virgin olive oil and ground black pepper. This “shirt” is a typical custom of the Pisan territory; its main purpose is to protect the cheese during ripening. The pure sheep’s milk version is available in the smaller size of 500g, in cartons of 4 or 9 pieces. The crust is entirely edible. / IMAGE 6- Il Merigo Pure Sheep Il Merigo matures carefully for at least three months in wooden casks covered with pressed Bolgheri red grape marc. At the end of the maturation the crust is the purple colour of the marc; the cheese has a compact texture and is pearl white in colour. The flavour is characterized by the marc. / IMAGE 7- Il Peperoncino Pure Sheep Il Peperoncino is characterized by the harmonious combination of the sweet young pecorino and the organic hot chilli taste. / IMAGE 8- Il Pesto Pure Sheep Il Pesto is a young, fresh cheese of small size, enriched with Ligurian P.D.O. pesto and National pine nuts. It has a tingling taste. / IMAGE 9- Pere & Ginger Pure Sheep This young pecorino was born from the combining of pear and ginger. A pair that gives to the product a slightly spicy taste with a special fragrance, in a mix of bitter-sweet flavor. / IMAGE 10- Il Pistacchio This cheese, produced with exquisite “Green Bronte P.D.O. Pistachios”, is one of the most appreciated products of the “Delizie” family. The tasty Sicilian pistachios make this cheese especially suitable for a happy hour or as an appetizer. / IMAGE 11- Il Noce Pure Sheep The hand ground kernels walnuts, or walnuts from other Italian regions, are directly added to the cheese during the production. The crust has a lovely rose colour and the cheese texture is characterized by the presence of small pieces of ground nuts. / IMAGE 12- Il Frescoverde Pure Sheep Inspired by ancient medieval traditional methods, once matured the Frescoverde is treated with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with a mix of aromatic herbs, such as rosemary, mint, sage, savoury, basil and coriander, from the organic company Principio Attivo in Carrara. The pure sheep’s milk version is available in the smaller size of 500 g, in cartons of 4 or 9 pieces. The crust is entirely edible.