• Country Origin: France
IMAGE 1- Pizza Twist 90g A soft filling made of tomatoes, Emmental, mushrooms and black olives and a brown flax topping for a crunchy twist! / IMAGE 2- Onion and Cheese Twist 90g A generous and creamy filling made up of onion and Emmental béchamel sauce and a white quinoa and nigella seed topping. / IMAGE 3- Ham and Cheese-Filled Croissant 90g A French-style croissant with a tasty and creamy centre, with strips of ham and an emmental béchamel sauce. / IMAGE 4- Cheese-Filled Croissant 90g The richness of emmental at the heart of a delicious croissant, which is both soft and crispy at the same time. / IMAGE 5- Ham and Cheese Lattice 100g Ham, béchamel and emmental : classic topping loved the world over, in a size that's easy to eat on the go. / IMAGE 6- Mustard and Three Cheese Swirl 120g A combination of mustard béchamel sauce and three cheeses (emmental, cheddar, mozzarella). / IMAGE 7- Pizza Swirl 120g The great taste of pizza with tomatoes, ham, cheese and mushrooms on a generously sized, melt-in-your-mouth rool. / IMAGE 8- Ham and Cheese Swirl 120g A delicious topping of ham and emmental cheese on a crunchy croissant pastry made with pure butter.