• Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- Allspicet is used to garnish Vodka/Gin and tonic cocktails. / IMAGE 2- Aniseed Aniseed is widely used for confectionery, desserts and traditional dishes. / IMAGE 3- Basil Basil is used for pizzas, meats and sauces. Adds flavour to all kinds of soups. / IMAGE 4- Bay is essential in stews and as a seasoning for sauces. / IMAGE 5- Black pepper Black pepper is used for preparation of cold meats, soups, meat, fish and juices. / IMAGE 6- Cardamom They are excellent for dressing and garnishing all types of Vodka/Gin and tonic. / IMAGE 7- Cayenne pepper is used to seasoning sauces, soups and seafood stews. / IMAGE 8- celery Enhances the flavor of meat, stews, soups. / IMAGE 9- Chive Chives ideal for marinades, risottos, salads, eggs, omelettes and soups. / IMAGE 10- Cinnamon is used in desserts, custards, puddings, ice cream, also in stews and boiled fish. / IMAGE 11- Clove is used to add flavour to desserts, jams, stews, soups, pork and ham / IMAGE 12- Coriander its used in sweet and savory dishes and marinades. / IMAGE 13- Cumin is used in meats, soups, vegetable soups, stews, sauces, casseroles and marinades. / IMAGE 14- Dill is used for marinades, smoked meat or fish, vinegars, mustard dressings and sauces such as cold soups. / IMAGE 15- Fennel Fennel is used for marinades, smoked meat or fish, mustard dressings, sauces, cold soups, fried fish, roast pork and fennel bread. / IMAGE 16- Garlic is used in soups, meat and fish sauces. Enhances the flavour of stews and stir-fries. / IMAGE 17- Ginger , it is used in the preparation of sweet and savory dishes, vegetables, drinks. / IMAGE 18- Green pepperis use in stews, sauces, salads, rice and to flavour fish and juices. / IMAGE 19- Herb bunch is used to flavour stews, chicken or beef roasts, marinades or baked fish. / IMAGE 20- Hot paprika is used in preparation of various appetizers, soups, vegetables, eggs and sauces. / IMAGE 21- Juniper berries They are excellent for garnishing all types of Vodka/Gin and tonic. / IMAGE 22- Licorice It’s a powerful sweetener and flavour enhancer. / IMAGE 23- Mint is mainly used in bean stews, peas, meat and for some sauces giving a caracteristic aroma and flavour. / IMAGE 24- Nutmeg is used for stews, fish soups, sauces, vegetables and meats. / IMAGE 25-Onion is used to add flavour to stir-fries and as a base for making different types of sauces. Fried is ideal for mixing with salad. / IMAGE 26- Oregano is used in meats, sauces, eggs, pizzas, vegetables and juices. / IMAGE 27-Parsley is for use in marinades, stews, game and poultry. Also in fish, roasts and beef or lamb barbecues. / IMAGE 28- The Red Peppers are used in stews of vegetables, meat stews and game, or just by themselves / IMAGE 29- Saffron is highly valued for various dishes, particulary rice. / IMAGE 30- Sesame is used to decorate cakes and pastries as much as a variety of salted dishes. / IMAGE 31- Spearmint is for use in bean stews, peas, meat and some sauces / IMAGE 32- Star anise It closely resembles anise in flavour. Its taste is intense, fresh and aromatic. / IMAGE 33- Sweet Paprika is used in fish and meat stews, rice, soups and stir-fry. / IMAGE 34- Tarragon is for add flavour to meats, poultry, fish, game, vinegars and sauces. / IMAGE 35- Thyme is used in stews, soups, meats, eggs and pizza. / IMAGE 36- Tumeric combines with beans and lentil dishes and used for making sauces. / IMAGE 37- Vanilla is ideal for desserts, cakes and all kinds of pastry. / IMAGE 38- White pepper is used for preparation of cold meats, soups, meats, fish and juices.