• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Orange honey Orange nectar is so abundant that overflows from the corolla. Orange honey looks crystallized with a creamy consistency. Its color is ivory white; the smell is intense, fruity and flowered. / IMAGE 2- Eucalyptus honey Eucalyptus honey looks crystallized with a pasty consistency. The color is beige with grey and light brown shadings / IMAGE 3- Acacia honey It is children’s favorite honey, thanks to its delicate and not persistent flavor. The taste is very sweet. / IMAGE 4- Chestnut honey Chestnut honey has a fluid consistency, amber color with red shadings, and an intense, characteristic flavor. / IMAGE 5- Honeydrew Honeydew looks dark amber with red-brown shades and appears liquid. / IMAGE 6- Polyflora honey Polyflora honey looks crystallized, creamy and beige with yellow shades. The smell is delicate, slightly fruity and wax scented. / IMAGE 7- Honey tris- polyflora, honeydew, orange The right compromise to taste more kinds of honey. / IMAGE 8- Honey tris - acacia, chestnut, eucalyptus The right compromise to taste more kinds of honey.