• Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- Canary Banana Given the climatic characteristics of the Canary Islands, it occurs throughout the year. In general, Canarian Banana is medium in size, has a sweeter and more aromatic taste. Very rich in fiber and nutrients, mainly in potassium, so it is an ideal fruit when we need extra energy / IMAGE 2- Banana It is a source of potassium available throughout the year matured in our facilities looking for the balance between color and flavor. This sweet fruit, tasty and easy to eat with exquisite flavor, is the most popular among children. / IMAGE 3- Plantain Sweet taste and rapid ripening. The skin is thick and greenish in color and its flesh is white. It is consumed exclusively cooked, stewed in the same way that potatoes and vegetables are cooked (cooked, fried, roasted, baked ..