• Country Origin: Spain
Sweet potatoes belong to the convolvulaceae family.This tuberous root forms part of the typical cuisine of all the countries where it has been grown since pre-Hispanis times.Depending on the country,it can be eaten in several different ways: boiled, roasted or stewed.It can also be eaten for breakfast with milk or coffee, with queso de hojaor used to make sweet and desserts such as sweet potato flan and traditional candy bars. AVAILABLE FORMATS : -A10 CAN DICED Drained Weight: 1.850 g. Net Weight: 2.980 g. PUREE Drained Weight: 2.980 g. Net Weight: 2.980 g. -3KG CAN DICED Drained Weight: 1.550 g. Net Weight: 2.500 g. PUREE Drained Weight: 2.500 g. Net Weight: 2.500 g.