• Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- Andalusian gazpacho The most refreshing of the range, looking for the most Andalusian roots of the recipe. A product to always have on hand in the fridge with its special touch of sherry and garlic vinegar / IMAGE 2- beetroot gazpacho What happens when a 100% vegan food, without gluten, without preservatives or dyes, we add all the properties of beet? We get a superfood, our beet gazpacho / IMAGE 3- watermelon gazpacho We combine the two star summer products in Spanish homes. The gazpacho with the sweetest and most refreshing notes of the assortment for those looking for a more refreshing, healthy and natural fruit gazpacho that can be found in the linear ones / IMAGE 4- Mediterranean character If there is a natural aroma that we associate with tomato, that is that of oregano. The Mediterranean recipe brings this herbal touch to the gazpacho to achieve a very recognizable and surprising taste in equal parts / IMAGE 5- soft gazpacho The one of all the life, in which the flavor of our tomato Bonnysa predominates. Well balanced and with a natural texture that has no comparison in the market / IMAGE 6- The pride of the garden For the unconditional of this typical Cordoba cream and for those who want to start enjoying this dish in which the tomato is even more protagonis