Ice Cream, Sorbets, Yogurt

  • Country Origin: Ireland
IMAGE 1-Paganini Luxury Bourbon Vanilla A deliciously creamy dairy ice cream infused with Madagascar bourbon vanilla and studded with flecks of vanilla bean for a full-flavour that is instantly recognisable. / IMAGE 2-Paganini Luxury Strawberry A really smooth and creamy dairy ice cream packed with luscious aromatic fresh strawberry flavours. A classic Wexford favourite! / IMAGE 3-Paganini Luxury Salted Caramel Rich, decadent and velvety caramel dairy ice cream rippled with ribbons of salted caramel, perfectly balanced sweetness and saltiness. / IMAGE 4-Paganini Luxury Mint Chocolate Chip Always a favourite, our fresh and cool mint dairy ice cream combines rich creaminess with dark Belgian chocolate shavings for a refreshing scrumptious taste. / IMAGE 5-Paganini Luxury White Chocolate Paganini’s award winning bourbon vanilla ice cream melds perfectly with the richness of melted Belgian white chocolate, creamy luxury in every bite. / IMAGE 6-Paganini Luxury Raspberry Ripple Paganini’s classic bourbon vanilla dairy ice cream swirled with summer’s vibrant and fragrantly indulgent raspberry ripple sauce. / IMAGE 7- Paganini Luxury Toffee Caramel Crunch Indulgent, creamy, toffee-flavoured dairy ice cream with brittle caramel butterscotch pieces. The perfect option for an ice cream dessert. / IMAGE 8- Paganini Luxury Irish Cream Liqueur A truly classic Irish dairy ice cream! Rich and creamy deliciousness infused with Irish cream liqueur and dark Belgian chocolate pieces for a lavish taste sensation. / IMAGE 9-Paganini Luxury Rum & Raisin A rum flavoured creamy dairy ice cream peppered with with plump raisins soaked in Jamaican rum. A rich, flavourful experience with just the right combination of depth and warmth. / IMAGE 10-Paganini Luxury Pistachio The sublime aromatic, nutty flavour of our pistachio dairy ice cream truly hints at its Middle Eastern. A taste sensation. / IMAGE 11-Paganini Luxury Honeycomb A heavenly honey dairy ice cream studded with chunks of crunchy honeycomb and chocolate coated honeycomb. Delicious! / IMAGE 12- Paganini Luxury Coconut A delectable coconut flavoured ice cream textured with real dessiccated coconut for a truly tropical treat. / IMAGE 13- Paganini Luxury Himalayan Salt Paganini ice cream flavoured with Himalayan Salt. This pretty peachy-pink ice cream looks and tastes a treat with rich chocolate desserts. / IMAGE 14- Paganini Luxury Irish Whiskey Paganini ice cream flavoured with real Irish Whiskey. Delicious on its own or served with apple or chocolate dessert offerings. / IMAGE 15-Paganini Luxury Caramel Brownie Premium Paganini ice cream generously flecked with chocolate brownie and rippled with real Dulce De Leche. The perfect topping for a warm Coolhull Farm Baker’s Brownie. Equally delicious in a milkshake. / IMAGE 16-Paganini Luxury Strawberry Cheesecake Strawberry ice cream blended with Coolhull Farm Cream Cheese and our home baked biscuit crumb. A perfect accompaniment to berry desserts or blended into a milk shake. / IMAGE 17- Paganini Luxury Cookies & Cream Creamy Paganini ice cream studded with cookies & cream cookies for an American style sweet treat. Blend with milk for an iconic Cookies & Cream milkshake. / IMAGE 18- Paganini Luxury Bubble Gum Our Smurf-blue bubble gum flavoured dairy ice cream is a tasty treat for the kid in all of us. It’s sweet candy flavours will send your taste buds flying. / IMAGE 19- Apple Farm Vanilla Smooth and creamy classic vanilla ice cream. / IMAGE 20- Apple Farm Strawberry A classic strawberry flavoured ice cream. / IMAGE 21-Apple Farm Chocolate Smooth chocolate flavoured ice cream. / IMAGE 22- Apple Farm Mint Perfect mint ice cream fix to complete your meal. / IMAGE 23-Apple Farm Raspberry Ripple Smooth vanilla flavoured ice cream with raspberry ripple. / IMAGE 24- Apple Farm Toffee Crunch Toffee flavored ice cream with toffee chunks and caramel ribbons / IMAGE 25-Green Apple Sorbet A refreshing crisp green apple sorbet, the taste of summertime and orchards. / IMAGE 26- Raspberry Sorbet A vibrant crisp raspberry sorbet filled with Summer fruit deliciousness. / IMAGE 27-Lemon Sorbet A zingy lemon sorbet which can be served as a palate cleanser between courses or as a refreshingly light dessert. / IMAGE 28-Passion Fruit Sorbet An authentic taste of passion fruit, this sorbet is full of exotic fruit flavour. / IMAGE 29-Champagne Sorbet A decadent Champagne flavoured sorbet—ideal for that special occasion. / IMAGE 30-Perform Protein Ice Cream Chocolate A delicious Chocolate protein-enriched nutritional dairy ice cream to support muscle repair and growth after exercise. 20g of high quality protein per 100g tub. / IMAGE 31-Perform Protein Ice Cream Strawberry A delicious Strawberry protein-enriched nutritional dairy ice cream to support muscle repair and growth after exercise. 20g of high quality protein per 100g tub. / IMAGE 32-Perform Protein Ice Cream Vanilla A delicious Vanilla protein-enriched nutritional dairy ice cream to support muscle repair and growth after exercise. 20g of high quality protein per 100g tub. / IMAGE 33-Nourish Protein Ice Cream Vanilla A delicious Vanilla protein-enriched, high calorie nutritional dairy ice cream to restore, recover and rebuild strength. 220kcal and 10g of protein per 100g tub. / IMAGE 34- Natural Frozen Yogurt 40% A smooth and tangy delicious natural frozen yogurt treat. / IMAGE 35- Caramel & Honeycomb Ice Cream Cake Our crunchy chocolate coated honeycomb nuggets in a rich caramel dairy ice cream filling over a crunchy biscuit crumb base. / IMAGE 36- Apple Farm Strawberry A classic strawberry flavoured ice cream.