spices & Seasonings

  • Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- Barbecue Seasoning adds flavour to meat and poultry. / IMAGE 2- Bay and Sweet Paprika gives a special flavour to all types of grilled, fried / IMAGE 3- Chicken Seasoning enhances the flavour of poultry and birds. / IMAGE 4- Chimichurri Seasoning is ideal for seasoning roasts, burgers and traditional dishes / IMAGE 5- Curry is a traditional seasoning for sauces, vegetables, seafood and meats. / IMAGE 6- Fine Herbs seasoning is used in meat and game stews and salads. / IMAGE 7- Five Peppers Flavor is ideal to seasoning all kind of menus. With the dosing option. / IMAGE 8- Garlic and Parsley seasoning are for use in soups, meat and fish sauces / IMAGE 9- Garlic and Paprika gives flavour to barbecues and roasts. Enhances the flavour of many culinary preparations. / IMAGE 10- Herbs and Wild Berries is the ideal condiment for rice, soups, vegetables, pizzas and pasta. / IMAGE 11- Hispania Flavor can be used to improve our traditional flavors: spanish omelette, stews, soups and salads. / IMAGE 12- Italy Flavor can be used to enhance flavors in pizza, salads and paninis. / IMAGE 13- Kebab Seasoning is used to enhance the taste of kebabs, chicken and snails. / IMAGE 14- The Lemon and Black Pepper Seasoning is ideal for seasoning shellfish / IMAGE 15- Meat Seasoning is ideal for use with all types of meat. / IMAGE 16- Mexican flavor is ideal for use in preparation of tacos and fajitas. / IMAGE 17- Morocco Flavor can be used to enhances and give an exotic flavor to meats / IMAGE 18- Onion and Garlic is used to flavour your fried food, stews and roasts / IMAGE 19- Oregano and Onion seasoning is used to flavour fried food, stews and roasts / IMAGE 20- Paella Seasoning is ideal for enhance the flavour of any rice dish. / IMAGE 21- Pizza Seasoning is mainly used to enhance the flavour of any type of pizza. / IMAGE 22-Provence Herbs are for enhance the flavour of roasts, stews and soups. / IMAGE 23- Snails Seasoning is used to flavour all kinds of meats and especially snails / IMAGE 24- Thailand Flavor can be used to improve flavor and texture in fish, shellfish, vegetables, soups and salads.