• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) THE “FAVOLETTE” WITH CASTER SUGAR 200 g CRADEL A rural and feisty taste. Cradel “Favolette” are special baked Bugie sprinkled with inviting caster sugar. With their rural and feisty taste, “Favolette” are light and crisp. We decided not to fry Bugie in order to offer a healthy and low-fat product. Cradel “Favolette” are ideal for cheerfully spending a break. The shower of sugar sprinkling their surface makes them the favourite ones by children… but by adults too. / IMAGE 2-NON-FRIED BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) WITH ICING SUGAR 200 g CRADEL Delicate delicacy. Confectionery specialty typical of carnival period, Bugie are a nationwide well-known and widespread sweet. Not for nothing it is called “sweet with a thousand names”. We from Cradel propose decided to bake and dust Bugie with icing sugar. Our Non-Fried Bugie are tasty and crispy, but lighter than the traditional ones. Cradel Non-Fried Bugie are very light, have a great appearance and a stirring fragrance. / IMAGE 3- BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH BERRIES 250 g CRADEL Funny and coloured filling astonishing on every bite Could we select a better filling than that with berries for our Carnival Bugie ? Cradel Bugie filled with Berries are even better, thanks to the filling occurring after baking. This way, the heat of boiling oil doesn’t damage sensory properties of the filling, which remains fresh and soft. The acidulous, full-bodied and sweet flavour of fruit filling will cuddle your taste, while the aromatic savour of Bugia will arouse your senses. / IMAGE 4- BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH APRICOT 250 g CRADEL Mild sweetness with a lovely taste. Allow yourself a break with a Cradel Filled Bugia: typical Bugie with a fresh apricot-filling. We repurpose the typical recipe of traditional preparation in a light and gourmand version. Cradel Filled Bugie differ from others Bugie in two basic aspects: they’re light and tasty. Frying them with top-quality sunflower oil allows us to get perfectly golden-brown and friable Bugie. They’re filled only after baking, so that the filling keeps its lightness and its fragrance. / IMAGE 5- BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH APPLE 250 g CRADEL Gourmand filling for the traditional Carnival sweet. Filled Bugie can’t miss in any house during Carnival period. Our wish to always find new tastes suggested us to play with filings in order to renovate the recipe of Cradel Filled Bugie but preserving all good qualities of our preparation: crumbliness and perfect golden-brown colour. Which filling is better fit than apple to become a soft filling? Why we don’t make it play a fundamental role for Cardel Filled Bugie too? With apple-filling, Bugie are sweet and succulent; a delicacy that everyone likes. / IMAGE 6- BUGIE (sweet biscuits for carnival) FILLED WITH GIANDUIA (Piedmontese nut chocolate) 250 g CRADEL Gourmand speciality nut- and chocolate-flavoured. Chocolate and nuts: gianduia flavour is the result of meeting between this two excellent ingredients. Sweetness balance of gianduia cream is really excellent. We from Cradel employed this delicacy for garnishing our fragrant Filled Bugie, a bundle of gluttony. Let yourself be tempted by Gianduia-Filled Bugie: they’re ideal for a glutton snack, or as pairing for coffee break. They unite old and young: when you serve them it’s a party.