Tartufo di Pizzo

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Hazelnut and Chocolate Covered with cocoa powder and with a dark chocolate liquid heart A typical product of the gelato tradition from Pizzo of Calabria. This Tartufo is characterized by a dark chocolate liquid heart covered by hazelnut and chocolate gelato, made exclusively with Italian fresh milk, deeply roasted hazelnuts and the finest cocoa beans from Western Africa / IMAGE 2- Pistachio An intensely flavored pistachio creamy heart, covered by white chocolate and pistachio gelato, made only with Italian fresh milk and pistachio free from food colorings and preservatives / IMAGE 3- Coffee and Cream The rich and strong flavor of coffee gelato encounters the delicate flavor of cream of this Tartufo, which is covered by an almond brittle and is characterized by its coffee liquid heart. / IMAGE 4- Limoncello Covered with a crunchy meringue brittle and with a Limoncello liquid heart A fresh and natural lemon gelato and cream gelato made exclusively with high quality Italian fresh milk encounter a limoncello liquid heart. This Tartufo is covered by a crunchy meringue brittle.