• Country Origin: Qatar
IMAGE 1- Molino Grassi - H24 Pizza Flour - Soft Wheat Flour 25kg Slow H24 rising time from 18 to 24 hours (corresponding to the better known Manitoba flour). For round dish pizza, tray pizza and focaccia, long rising time. / IMAGE 2- Molino Grassi - H6 Pizza flour - Soft Wheat Flour 25kg For round dish pizzas or tray pizza. Short rising time. Fast H6 rising time from 4 to 6 hours / IMAGE 3- Molino Grassi Cakes & Biscuits Flour 1kg Ideal for preparing fragrant cakes, shortcrust pastry, crisp biscuits and fast-rising, quick-leavened bread. / IMAGE 4- Molino Grassi Organic Flour 1kg An all-purpose flour for making bread, pizza, pastries and cakes. No chemicals used in cultivation or storage, ideal for a wholesome, healthy diet. Organic soft wheat flour suitable as base for all uses, for organic cuisine recipes. For the production of foods with a high nutritive value, wholemeal and rich in fibres, light and easily digestible. / IMAGE 5- Molino Grassi Pizza & Focaccia Fast Base Flour 1kg Ideal for preparing traditional and very light pizzas, focaccia and homemade bread. Molino Grassi's Italian Type 00 Flour is perfect for all your baking needs but is especially is ideal for preparing traditional pizza and focaccia. 00 Flour is milled in a particular way to ensure that the flour is extra fine, which makes for a superior quality pizza dough. / IMAGE 6- Polselli Flour "00" All Purpose 1kg Soft Wheat Flour “00” is a multi purpose flour. Easy to work and versatile enough to support different usages in your kitchen, for example bread making, scones, flat bread and pizza bases.