• Country Origin: Qatar
IMAGE 1- Villa Grimelli Balsamic Glaze Original 250ml The idea of reducing balsamic vinegar to prepare a sauce came from the world’s most creative chefs. The thick consistency and sweet and sour balsamic flavor is versatile and works well for salads, meat, fruit, and dessert topping. / IMAGE 2- Villa Grimelli Balsamic Vinegar “White Eagle” PGI 5litre Balsamic Vinegar and Fresh Aromatic. Daily ideal condiment for salads and grilled vegetables.The White Eagle identifies the presence of at least 25% of grape must. / IMAGE 3- Villa Grimelli Italian Apple Organic Vinegar (5%) Acidity 500ml / IMAGE 4- Villa Grimelli Italian Red Vinegar 500ml Mantova Italian Red Wine Vinegar is produced by assembling different kinds of grapes.