• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Mantecati The most beloved flavors, prepared only with fresh cream and fresh High Quality Italian milk and selected raw materials LE CREME CLASSICHE: White Chocolate Coffee Chocolate Fiordilatte Stracciatella Vanilla Fiordilatte swirled throughout with sour Black Cherry sauce Zuppa Inglese LE CREME ALLA FRUTTA: Lemon from Sicily Banana Coconut Italian Strawberry Italian Melon LE CREME PREGIATE: Chocolate swirled throughout with Rum and Nougat from Calabria Pistachio Walnut with Figs from Calabria Ricotta with Pears and Chocolate drops Tiramisù with Marsala D.O.C Hazelnut SORBETS: Lemon from Sicily Oval Orange from Calabria Raspberry