• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- APPLE CRUMBLE TART 350 g CRADEL Sweet and crisp home-made speciality. A friable base enriched with powdered cinnamon for giving a marked taste, a soft core resulting from an apple filling and a funny and irregular covering of crispy crumbles; everything is produced with fresh butter. All this is Cradel Apple and Cinnamon Crumble Tart. This delicacy find a place in the elegant Cradel box, ideal for an informal and spontaneous present. / IMAGE 2- PEAR AND CHOCOLATE CRUMBLE TART 350 g CRADEL Sweetest and crispy temptation. Crisp shortcrust pastry crumbs, based only on butter and placed on a Tart, filled with pears and delicious dark chocolate-chip. The base consists on friable, fragrant and delicate shortcrust pastry. We from Cradel don’t keep secrets: for making good sweets we carefully select ingredients and then we traditionally process them. We package the Tart as soon as the hot heat of the oven has dissolve, so that it preserves its whole savour and its tempting fragrance. This is how we get the best results: with simplicity. Cradel Pear and Chocolate Crumble Tart is package in an elegant gift bag. / IMAGE 3- ORANGE AND CHOCOLATE CRUMBLE TART 350 g CRADEL Elegant and crispy temptation. An expert layered structure gives rise to the delicious Cradel Orange and Chocolate Crumble Tart. At the bottom there is a friable and fragrant shortcrust pastry bed. We generously spread on the whole base the glutton orange-filling, enriched with strong flavoured peel. Everything is held by a fall of crispy shortcrust pastry crumbs and dark chocolate-chip. As soon as this delicacy comes out of the oven, it is placed in an elegant box, waiting to be served and shared with your guests. / IMAGE 4- LEMON CRUMBLE TART 350 g CRADEL Elegant and crispy home-made speciality. We from Cradel carefully select our ingredient. Pairings we propose in our recipes are classical, we only revisit them to satisfy those consumers who are always careful. With Lemon Crumble Tart we get everybody to agree: those who love the classic lemon-flavoured short pastry sweet and the fans of news for the recipe adapted for Crumble version. The fragrant and scented shortcrust pastry enhances the fresh and intense taste of lemon-filling; everything is completed by a crispy and buttery Crumble. That’s why this Tart is unique and special. Lemon Crumble Tart is proposed in an elegant box, so that it is also perfect as gift presentation. / IMAGE 5- CHERRY CRUMBLE TART 350 g CRADEL Appetizing and crispy temptation. Crumble is a tasty and crispy astonishment. The crumbs covering fully turns the shortcrust pastry Tart in a sophisticated dessert. Cradel Cherry Crumble Tart is a plenty of sweetness: Tart base is friable and sweet-smelling, cherry-filling is coloured and tasty and crumbs covering is crisp and astonishing. Our key is the simplicity of our ingredients and our processing. Cradel Crumble Tart is placed in an elegant box, ready to be gift as a tender sweetness.