• Country Origin: Mexico
IMAGE 1- FROZEN PEACH The main virtue of the peaches is its wealth in carotenes and anti-oxidants. Also prevents stomach cancer. Its presence in the body guarantees the good health of the vision, good state of skin and teeth. Peaches are good in selenium that, besides protecting the heart, flavors the immunity and eliminates heavy metals from the organism. / IMAGE 2- MANGO CONGELADO Mexican mango are harvested with the heart and the work of many people. Each variety of mango has a unique flavor and texture. Mango has a lot of nutrients and makes eating an incredible sensory experience. It has lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Mango cans bring a totally different flavor to your food.. / IMAGE 3- FROZEN STRAWBERRIES 100% Natural Strawberries with high quality, our products are packed just with selective fruit of the region. Our berries have led a process of washing, sorting, and packaging, following the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices. / IMAGE 4- FROZEN BERRIES Berries including Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries are amazing in health supportive properties. They are in the top rank of anti-oxidant products. Bring a lot of benefits in cardiovascular, cognitive, blood sugar, eye heath, anti-cancer and others. You can enjoy all types of berries with most of meals and have a good balance between healthy and delicious. / IMAGE 5- PAPAYA / IMAGE 6- APPLE / IMAGE 7- BANANA / IMAGE 8- VEGETABLE JUICE / IMAGE 9- LIME / IMAGE 10- MELON / IMAGE 11- PASSION FRUIT / IMAGE 12- GUAVA / IMAGE 13- SOURSOP / IMAGE 14- PINEAPPLE