• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- RURAL RUSKS 350 g CRADEL Thick, fragrant and delicious. Cradel Rusks are so tasty that won the recognition “Le più buone d’Italia”(“The tastiest in Italy”) of GAMBERO ROSSO (Gambero Rosso S.p.A. is an Italian publishing house specialist in food&wine by means of publication of guides,broadcasts,training,a monthly magazine and several movable applications). They won thanks to their authenticity. The list of ingredients is really short; this is shown by taste and fragrancy of the product. We have also been awarded for handicraft production; you can notice this further aspect at first sight.Our Rusks have a compact mix and a dark surface: these two characteristics make you think it’s about a home-made product. You can feel how crisp they are.Their taste is a surprise: the golden-brown internal looks tasty and savoury. / IMAGE 2- SUGAR-FREE RUSKS 350 g CRADEL For a snack, or for a light and pleasant breakfast. By preparing Sugar-free Rusks we became skilful mathematicians: the recipe of Cradel Sugar-free Rusks originates from subtraction! We subtracted sugar from our Rural Rusks’ recipe. Subtracted and not replaced. This means that we didn’t add any other kind of sugar substitute. We eliminated the sweet part of a natural recipe, realized with few simple ingredients, so that our Sugar-free Rusks can be eaten by those who want to limit their intake of sugar. / IMAGE 3- WHOLEMEAL SPELT RUSKS 350 g CRADEL Rural tastiness for whole meal-lovers. We thought about personalizing our Rural Rusks recipe to offer you a tasty alternative. The good wholemeal spelt flour has been our choice. We realised the astonishing Wholemeal Spelt Rusks, perfect for those who like natural products better than refined products. We employ flour taken from a stone-milling without sifting it: this stage allows us to realise products with a special body and a stronger taste. Cradel Rusks are thick, perfect to be garnished with a generous portion of your favourite cream or marmalade.