• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Apricot kernel cookies All the aroma of apricot kernel biscuits in a delicious dainty size, for dipping in milk or using in your desserts. / IMAGE 2- Italian Amaretti The unmistakable flavour of italian amaretti, while reminiscent of childhood, never ceases to impress each time you open the packet. Wonderful both as the highlight of breakfast and the star attraction in your desserts / IMAGE 3- Glazed mini puff pastry Delicious for every occasion, glazed mini puff pastry satisfy your sweet tooth and are perfect for sharing, thanks to their handy size. / IMAGE 4- Sugar topped mini puff pastry Convenient, fragrant, and ideal for any occasion, sugar topped mini puff pastry delight every palate and are outstanding for a snack with good company / IMAGE 5- Glazed puff pastry What makes our glazed puff pastry so special and enjoyable? The apricot decoration, which adds to the flavour and makes them one-of-a-kind / IMAGE 6- Sugar topped puff pastry Our most classic sugar topped puff pastry, good on their own, but great dipped in coffee, milk, tea and confectioner’s a matter of fact, they’re always a treat! / IMAGE 7- Frollini Biscuits - Fiori Your breakfast will be livelier and more scrumptious with Frollini Biscuits - Fiori, made with top quality ingredients reminiscent of traditional flavours / IMAGE 8- Frollini Biscuits - Quadri How nice to start your day with a hearty breakfast! Frollini Biscuits – Quadri will satisfy young and old alike / IMAGE 9- Ladyfingers Ladyfingers are one of our flagship products and a must-have in the kitchen. When simplicity goes hand-in-hand with tradition, the result is always the best / IMAGE 10- Cocoa Flavoured Ladyfingers We have made our Cocoa Flavoured Ladyfingers even more luscious and fun by adding a touch of cocoa cream. Double the flavours, double the taste / IMAGE 11- Puff pastry Layers Three biscuit bases ready and always fresh for filling to create your ideal millefeuille cake. Simply add imagination / IMAGE 12- Shortbread It is the quintessential shortbread of Verona, with its unmistakable buttery taste and round shape / IMAGE 13- Sponge cake Layers Our sponge cake Layers was designed to be the base for your special cakes, so convenient and ready to use / IMAGE 14- Italian Butter Shortbread - Finger Our Italian butter shortbread melt in the mouth! Enjoy on their own or with coffee, milk, hot chocolate or tea! / IMAGE 15- Italian Butter Shortbread - Round Our Italian butter shortbread melt in the mouth! Enjoy on their own or with coffee, milk, hot chocolate or tea! / IMAGE 16- Butter biscuits chocochip Our classic shortbread enriched with Chochochip for an experience of pleasure! Enjoy with hot milk or coffee / IMAGE 17- Tiramisù - Complete Kit The first Kit to prepare the Italian Tiramisù in a few minutes, adding only milk! No baking required.