• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- PURE BUTTER SHORTBREAD 300 g CRADEL Soft and fragrant, they’re excellent for a good awaking. Shortbread are cookies with a butter heart. We were bound to combine this precious ingredient and other top-quality ingredients. We realise Cradel Shortbread with excellent raw materials, without intrusion of food colouring, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, neither palm oil. Their taste is the tangible proof of authenticity of our Shortbread: when you taste them, you’ll recognise the softness of butter, its sweet and flavoured style and you’ll be pleasantly amazed by the crumbliness of the cookie. / IMAGE 2- SHORTBREAD WITH DARK CHOCOLATE-CHIP 300 g CRADEL Your gourmand moment. we tell the story of Cradel Shortbread with Dark Chocolate-chip: “Once upon a time, a soft mix based on butter was resting in the cookie factory, when suddenly was attracted by a swarm of little and smiling chocolate-chip. The union of shortbread and chocolate-chip so astonishing that always reoccurs by now, in order to realise our Cradel Shortbread with Dark Chocolate-chip.” / IMAGE 3- 4-CEREALS SHORTBREAD 300 g CRADEL Rural delicacies butter-flavoured. 4-Cereals Shortbread have an astonishing taste. The credit belongs to the perfect flour mix we employ to realise the mix. We employ wholemeal spelt, rice flour, wheat and corn. We skilfully balance the quantity of each kind of flour in order to optimize them inside the mixture. Our aim is to get a rural and nutritious cookie with a lovely taste. 4-Cereals Shortbread are perfectly golden-brown, with a strong, but delicate taste and a crumbly consistency. They’re great for any time of day. Try them with a drop of honey: it’s an astonishing combination!. / IMAGE 4- BUCKWHEAT SHORTBREAD 300 g CRADEL Rural shortbread delicacies. Rural simplicity, Buckwheat Shortbread have a strong and aromatic taste. For the realisation of our Shortbread, we actually employ buckwheat flour coarse-grained milled from a mill from around here. We add a generous amount of it in our mix for cookies. In this way the cookie remains full-bodied and savoury, excellent for delighting any time of the day, from breakfast to break. Cradel Shortbread are lined up in their stiff package which keeps them integral and can’t wait to be tasted one-to-one. The package is transparent, so that it can tempt you at a distance... / IMAGE 5- RICE SHORTBREAD 300 g CRADEL Light shortcrust pastry temptation. The soft mix of shortcrust pastry is realised by partially replacing wheat flour by rice flour and allows us to realise Shortbread with a sweet and delicate taste, ideal to be eaten as sweet dessert. That’s exactly how Cradel Rice Shortbread were created: in simplicity. The balance of flour mix is what makes the difference; the crispness and the fragrance of the cookie rely on this balance. Cradel Rice Shortbread are very light delicacies, excellent to be offered to your guest for delighting the end of the meal.