• Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- Butte The Butte almond is a hard-shell variety. These short, small nuts are often used with chocolate because of their size and slightly bitter taste. / IMAGE 2- California This label encompasses numerous varieties grown in the territory. They are elongated nuts suitable for all types of processes and applications. They blanch well. They have many uses and are ideal for customers who want high quality and a sweet taste with no bitterness. / IMAGE 3- Carmel The Carmel almond has a soft shell. It is mainly used for blanching and roasting. Easy to process, it is a substitute for the Nonpareil and California varieties. The Carmel variety comprises different types of almond, with differing shell hardness, nut shapes and skin colours. They are very adaptable and recommended for almost all processes and applications. / IMAGE 4- Standard Mix of varieties of almonds for further processing such as blanching, dicing, grinding, or paste, particularly where a higher level of split and broken kernels is not a concern. / IMAGE 5- Nonpareil These are the most widespread varieties on the market. A thin outer shell and smooth kernel allow for easy, blemish-free processing, which makes them an ideal snack, both natural and blanched.