Cheddar Cheese

  • Country Origin: United Kingdom
IMAGE 1- Mild Cheddar Our mild cheddar is typically aged for 3 months to produce a young cheese with a subtle creamy taste, and a buttery smooth texture. / IMAGE 2- Mature Cheddar A firm, smooth bodied, full flavoured mature cheddar which has been graded for texture and taste. This delivers a nice sharp bite and is aged for up to 12 months. / IMAGE 3- Extra Mature Cheddar A strong, powerful, tangy, well rounded flavour with a sweet crunch and creaminess. / IMAGE 4- Dorset Drum Dorset Drum is an authentic English Farmhouse Cheddar. It’s one of only a few Cheddars to carry the world renowned Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status for Farmhouse Cheddar. Dorset Drum is made on a farm in Dorset, using milk from herds that graze on the lush, green pastures of the South West of England. Made to a unique recipe, using traditional handmade methods, Dorset Drum is a mature Cheddar with a full depth of flavour. An exceptional tasting Cheddar ideal for all occasions.