I crudi di casa busti Cheese

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Pecorino con Peperoncino Raw Milk This Pecorino cheese has a bright color and is characterized by a balanced combination of the sweetness of this pecorino cheese and the hot flavor of the chili pepper of the Az. Agricola Peperita (LI). The raw milk processing emphasizes this great combination. / IMAGE 2- Pecorino Fresco Raw Milk Pecorino cheese with a brief maturation period, made with our best fresh milk and cold worked; bacteria microflora is not destroyed during the heat process, thus allowing this cheese to keep the fragrances and flavors of the origin grazing lands. This cheese is compact and straw-yellow. / IMAGE 3- Pecorino Stagionato Raw Milk Raw milk Pecorino cheese characterized by an inviting aroma, made from a top selection of this raw material coming from our best barns. The rind is treated with extra virgin olive oil, tomato paste and ground black pepper, which ensure a better preservability and give this cheese its peculiar dark red color. / IMAGE 4- Pecorino con Pepe Nero Raw Milk Black Pepper and Pecorino Cheese: a very ancient, but still appreciable combination. The grains of Black pepper, mixed up with the white and compact cheese, bestow their full flavor to this Pecorino during its maturation. Its taste is intense and tempting. / IMAGE 5- Pecorino con Tartufo Raw Milk This cheese has the strikingly intense fragrance of the valuable ingredient added, the truffle, in a perfect combination with the aroma of raw milk. This is a soft and compact cheese, dotted by the Bianchetto truffle from the Azienda Savini Tartufi located in forcoli (PI).