Baked Goods
Cookies & Biscuits
  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- CRADEL BI-RUSKS STAND FOR SINGLE DOSE PACKAGES Cradel Bi-Rusks, namely a single dose package. At the cafe like home, for your perfect, tasty and healthy breakfast. The single dose package is the guardian of the whole fragrance and crispness of Rusks, which are tasty like they were fresh-baked. The range of Cradel single dose packages is rich and varied, so that you can get a tasty breakfast and a fancy freak at any moment. Cradel single dose packages are small and comfy, perfect to be carried in your bag or pack. / IMAGE 2- CRADEL STAND FOR 4-CEREALS SHORTBREADS FOR SINGLE DOSE PACKAGES Rejoice, now your favourite Cradel cookies (4-Cereals Shortbreads) are available to the café too. There are practical single dose packages, and each of them consists of two cookies that are always fragrant and perfect. The special package keeps the fragrance and all the organoleptic properties of the fresh-baked cookie. The practical package is perfect to be carried in your bag or pack, so you can have a break with Cradel sweets at any time of the day. / IMAGE 3- STAND FOR CRADEL “MELIGHE” FOR SINGLE DOSE PACKAGES Cradel “Paste di Meliga” in a practical single dose package which keeps freshness. Each packet consists of two fragrant cookies, that are placed on a practical small cup. They’re fit to a light breakfast or a quick snack. The package is space-safing, so you can carry it in your bag or pack in order to have always at your disposal a portion of your favourite “Paste di Meliga” / IMAGE 4- CRADEL STAND FOR BUTTER COOKIES WITH DARK CHOCOLATE-CHIP FOR SINGLE DOSE PACKAGES Butter Cookies with Dark Chocolate-Chip in single dose package keep safely their whole gluttony. They’re placed in twos on the small cup and can be perfectly preserved until the gourmand moment of tasting. Cradel single doses care to the cafe, and you can recognise them by amazing stands. There is a wide range of flavours, so you can take a Butter Cookies with Dark Chocolate-Chip in single dose for your happy and energizing breakfast and keep a spare package for your afternoon break. / IMAGE 5- CRADEL STAND FOR CARAMELIZED BUTTER COOKIES IN SINGLE DOSE PACKAGES From now there are gourmand innovation among stands for barfly cookies: Cradel single doses. The range of available cookies suits all the tastes: try the brand-new and tasty cinnamon flavoured Caramelized Butter Cookies with caramelized sugar. In each package you find two cookies placed on their small cup. The single dose package takes up little room in your bag, then you can carry it wherever you go: to the office, to the gym, at school, on the road, at work…