Bio busti cheese

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Pecorino Stagionato Bio Raw Milk The Organic Mature Pecorino is produced with our best fresh milk usedin its raw state. This peculiar technique allows a limited but high quality production, where the milk’s microbial flora is not destroyed by the warming process and acts positively on the cheese qualitative and organoleptic characteristics keeping intact the perfumes, the scents and the flavors of the original grazing. During the maturation, on spruce wooden boards, the cheese is regularly turned and the rind is brushed by hand, in order to allow the growth of its typical mouldy cover. The production is suspended in autumn with a possible lack of the products in the first months of the new year / IMAG This pecorino is a result of an unusual and polished combination of peppercorn and curcuma, well known as the “saffron from India”, a spice with remarkable beneficial properties. The taste is similar to curry but curcuma’s flavor is slightly bitter and spicy, together with the peppercorn its gives to the cheese all its aroma, the result is an enchanting and rich pecorino. The paste is of an intense yellow colour due to the curcuma’s natural colouring effect, enriched with black pepper grains. The use of vegetable rennet makes this unique pecorino the perfect choice for a vegetarian lifestyle.E 2- Pecorino Curcuma e Pepe with Vegetable Rennet / IMAGE 3- Pecorino Semistagionato Bio with Vegetable Rennet Medium ripening cheese produced according to an ancient recipe of Caseificio Busti unchanged throughout the years. The texture is compact white uniform with a tempting taste; the use of vegetable rennet makes this pecorino especially indicated for those who follow a vegetarian diet. During the maturation the rind receives a series of treatments with olive oil, which protects the product and colours it a natural gold. / IMAGE 4 Faithful to the tradition of this special pecorino we haven’t changed both his unique trapezoidal shape and the ancient recipe. In order to answer to nowadays consumers’ needs and being very attentive on nutrition and wellness topics, we have made this variation lactose free especially thinking about those who are intolerant to this sugar without loosing the traditional pecorino’s taste. The paste is tender, sweet, slightly acid. The rind is treated with organic tomato paste that gives to the cheese its characteristic red colour. The use of vegetable rennet makes it suitable for vegetarians.- Pecorino Marzolino Bio with Vegetable Rennet – Lactos Free / IMAGE 5- Frescopecora Bio with Vegetable Rennet – Mouldy Rind The freshest and youngest cheese o range of organic products, it is made from a peculiar kind production process, it distinguish itself from the other part of the family for its edible mouldy rind. Selected noble moulds inoculated in the milk give to the paste a delicate creamy taste and the characteristic mouldy cover. The use of vegetable rennet makes this special cheese very attractive to those who follow a vegetarian diet. Especially versatile for cooking it is perfect to those whether tasted at ambient temperature as an appetizer or as a string ingredient of your warm recipes.