Devon Cream

  • Country Origin: United Kingdom
IMAGE 1- Clotted Cream Our clotted cream is silky smooth, indulgently creamy and deliciously thick. Perfect spread thickly over a warm scone with a dollop of strawberry jam. The essential ingredient to a traditional English cream tea. Why not also try with fresh strawberries, berries or on pies as an indulgent alternative to whipped cream. / IMAGE 2- Double Cream English Double Cream is dessert perfection. Simply spoon straight from the jar, perfect on a slice of pie, fresh fruit, waffles and pancakes. It’s great added to sauces or pasta for extra thickness. / IMAGE 3- Creme Fraiche This superbly light cream is a great companion to almost any dish. Perfect paired with smoked salmon on bagels, or nachos and salsa. Stir into soup, or add to sauces and pasta for extra richness. / IMAGE 4- Clotted Cream with Brandy Brandy is added to our signature clotted cream to give the ultimate in Christmas indulgence. Perfect dolloped on mince pies or Christmas pudding. / IMAGE 5- Soured Cream This simple and delicate sour cream is a great addition to a huge range of dishes. Can be used in sweet or savoury dishes to add a delicious richness and tang. / IMAGE 6- Creamy British Butter Our cows graze on the lush grass of the British countryside, providing the richest cream. It is carefully churned in the traditional way to create the best tasting British butter. Rich gold in colour with a creamy, smooth almost silky taste. Hand wrapped in gold foil.