• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- LONG-SHAPE PASTA Long-cut pasta, like Spaghetti and Linguine are the most all-around and most used types of pasta. They combine well with all sorts of seasoning, from tomato sauce-based to vegetable-based sauces. Also great with fish based sauces, seafood and shellfish. 500 g | 1 kg | 3 kg / IMAGE 2- SHORT-SHAPE PASTA Short Shape Pasta Smooth Suitable for vegetables based dishes with a delicate taste, such as pasta with eggplant and zucchini. The short-cut smooth pasta is used to prepare the most traditional Italian recipe: penne al pomodoro. 500g | 1kg | 3kg Short Shape Pasta Grooved Short-cut grooved pasta ideally combines with dense sauces, such as meat ragù. The grooves keep the sauce or the seasoning, give a delicate flavour and add taste to every bite. 500 g | 1 kg | 3 kg / IMAGE 3- SOUP PASTA These shapes are small delights that enrich vegetables and meat broths as well as soups. The pastina, the pasta line with the smallest shape, is easy to cook and made for tasting nutrient dishes every day, to be tasted and enjoyed all together. 500 g | 1 kg | 3 kg / IMAGE 4- SPECIAL PASTA Farfalle and multicolour fusilli for personalized dishes or lasagne for special occasions to be prepared with meat, fish or vegetable-based sauces, both red and white ones. Cannelloni and Conchiglioni to be filled with creamy cheese, vegetable or fish. A variety of shapes to satisfy the creativity of every chef and the palate of every diner, at the restaurant like at home. 500g | 1kg | 3kg / IMAGE 5- ARTISANAL PASTA We select only 100% Italian wheat to produce our artisanal pasta, which is as rough as it should be and highly digestible. The slow drying process prevents the loss of proteins and flavour. Thanks to our commitment to preserve the Italian authentic tradition of artisanal pasta, we provide a top quality product to our customers. 500 g | 1 kg | 3 kg