• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Provolone mandarone Seasoned Seeds - Cow Compact pasta with a slight glance and a slight flaking. Externally it has a smooth shiny black rind. Spicy taste due to prolonged seasoning that can even go up to 20 months without over drying the product. It is easily recognizable by its typical pear shape and a rope inserted between the segments. / IMAGE 2- Amatriciano flask Seasoned Seeds - Cow The Fiaschetto has the characteristic pear shape and is aged for about 60 days. From the alabaster-colored rind, smooth, with semi-hard and spun paste with light scattered holes of light yellow color. Sweet, pleasant, slightly spicy taste / IMAGE 3- Caciotta di Amatrice Seasoned Seeds - Cow Caciotta di Amatrice is a semi-mature cheese which despite its short maturing has a fresh and subtle flavor. Round shaped with a thin crust, smooth with a color ranging from white to straw yellow. The pasta has a soft consistency, with scattered holes that almost melts in the mouth. / IMAGE 4- Marzolino di Amatrice Seasoned Seeds - Sheep 4 Oval shape, thin rind with a pearly white to light yellow color. Short-aged pecorino, excellent table cheese. Soft paste, slightly glance, with a refined aroma and sweet taste. / IMAGE 5- Pecorino of Amatrice Seasoned Seeds - Sheep Pecorino di Amatrice is a pecorino that falls into the semi-seasoned category, a product characterized by a pleasant softness that has no equal among its peers. Rounded bowl shape, with a thin crust with a warm golden hue, inside the paste is lightly glazed white, tender on the palate. / IMAGE 6- Amatriciano rush Seasoned Seeds - Sheep Short matured pecorino. Externally it has a striped rind, slightly golden. It is made with a particular fuscella, which recalls the ancient baskets, used since the past times by expert shepherds. Semi-hard paste, slightly glazed, with a straw yellow color and a refined perfume. / IMAGE 7- Mixed cardito Amatrice Seasoned Seeds - Cow and Sheep The Mixed Cardito Amatrice presents a pleasant softness and summarizes in itself the characteristics of authenticity and goodness typical of the oldest cheese production. It is produced with sheep's and cow's milk. Straight barefoot cheese, of a warm yellow color while inside its slightly glazed paste is of a clear white. / IMAGE 8- Unique by Amatrice Seasoned Seeds - Goat Goat cheese with a well-supported bowl shape, with a thin ivory-colored rind. Semi-hard pasta slightly glazed and pinstriped, intense and particular taste. Highly nutritious and easily digestible cheese.