Special tea

  • Country Origin: Poland
IMAGE 1- Winter tea in tea bags Ingredients: hibiscus flower, black tea, chokeberry fruit, apple fruit, orange peel, lemon grass, raspberry fruit, aromas, blackcurrant fruit, chokeberry juice concentrate, ginger, cinnamon, cloves. Package: 20 x 2 g Product description: Black tea with fruit and spices. Fall and winter are the periods in which it is easy for the common cold. Low temperatures and changeable weather make it easy to cool down the body. How to prevent it? How to effectively warm up well "from the inside"? Today we offer a warming winter tea with the Premium line. Each sachet of winter tea hides health and fullness of flavor. Just pour it with hot water to have a few moments to enjoy the senses with aromatic infusion. Winter tea has a unique flavor. Sweet raspberry fruit, cloves and ginger with a hint of orange and lemon grass wonderfully warm up in the winter evenings and improve mood. Winter tea with Premium line packed in a two-chamber tea bags additionally it is enclosed in airtight envelopes. Such packaging provides a guarantee of the highest quality infusion, its freshness and fullness of flavor. Our products do not contain artificial preservatives. Tea-making recipe: Insert a tea bag into a cup. Pour boiling water and brew for 3-5 minutes. Nutrition value: 100 g 1 tea bag - 2 g energy value 259 kJ/61 kcal 5 kJ/1 kcal fat 0,5 g 0 g saturated 0,1 g 0 g carbohydrate 14 g 0,3 g sugars 3,9 g <0,1 g protein 0,8 g <0,1 g salt 0 g 0 g / IMAGE 2- Christmas eve compote fruit brew Ingredients: plum fruit, apple fruit, pear fruit, hibiscus flower, apricot fruit, natural honey, cloves, cinnamon. Package: 100 g Product description: Soon there will come a time when we all sit down at the sumptuous table, and it will be Christmas Eve time. This will be a variety of traditional dishes. Obviously you can not miss the Christmas compote of dried fruits. We offer tasty and healthy Christmas Eve compote, which is not only easy to prepare, but also extremely tasty and improves digestion after a hearty dinner. Our Christmas Eve compote you must just pour hot water. Plum and apple support metabolism. Pear, apricot, honey and cinnamon give our beverage unique taste and cloves highlight its aromatic qualities. Prepare the compote for Christmas Eve dinner and enjoy the magic of Christmas, and then let us save your time. Tea-making recipe: Insert into a cup 1 teaspoon of fruit. Pour boiling water. Brew for 3-5 minutes. Nutrition value: 100 g 1 teaspoon - 3 g energy value 352 kJ/83 kcal 11 kJ/2 kcal fat 0,7 g <0,1 g saturated 0,2 g 0 g carbohydrate 18 g 0,5 g sugars 13 g 0,4 g protein 0,8 g <0,1 g salt 0 g 0 g