• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- WHOLE PEELED A solid pulp and a delicate taste. Whole peeled tomatoes are very versatile: they can be used to prepare soups, seafood and meat-based dishes as well as vegetable-based recipes. 400g | 800g | 2550g / IMAGE 2- CHOPPED Chopped tomatoes are semi-hard vegetables suitable for all the dishes which require the use of fresh tomatoes. Thanks to their consistency, they can be cooked in a short time. Perfect for the seasoning of the paste, they are an ideal choice also for seafood-based dishes. 400g | 800g | 2550g / IMAGE 3- PASSATA To make a tomato purée, the tomatoes are shredded and heated at a high temperature for a short time to avoid losing their nutritional properties. Our passata is creamy and dense and has a unique flavour. It is ideal for meat ragù as well as for quick recipes, such as boiled dishes. 400g | 680g | 2550g / IMAGE 4- PASTE Thanks to a series of sophisticated evaporation processes which eliminate the watery parts, our tomatoes become a red color “concentrate” of flavour. Various chefs suggest using it as a purée, without cooking it, for cold sauces. It is used to reduce the cooking time of sauces or creams which usually take a long time to cook. 400g | 800g | 2550g / IMAGE 5- PIZZA SAUCE The traditional and authentic pizza is made with simple and genuine ingredients like our tomatoes. The Pizza Sauce is the ideal starting point for traditional Italian pizzas. 400g | 800g | 2550g