Natural Legumes

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- CHICKPEAS Corex chickpeas are a great protein source. Ideal for tasty soups, broths, salads paired with pasta or seafood. 400g | 800g | 2550g / IMAGE 2- RED KIDNEY BEANS Beans with high protein content, good substitutes to meat. Highly digestible and used in many different recipes. 400g | 800 / IMAGE 3- BAKED BEANS White beans cooked in a smooth and aromatic tomato sauce. Easy to prepare, they are traditionally served for breakfast, on a toast and as a side dish.. 400g | 800g | 2550g / IMAGE 4- BLACK BEANS Ebony coloured beans, used in soups and as a seasoning for rice and meat-based dishes. 400g | 800g | 2550g / IMAGE 5- WHITE BEANS Beans with a distinctively delicate taste. Ideal for soups, broths and as a side dish for light meats, with clams and shellfish. 400g | 800g | 2550g / IMAGE 6- BUTTER BEANS White coloured beans, full of pulp and with a soft skin. Used in fresh salads. 400g | 800g | 2550g / IMAGE 7- PROCESSED PEAS With our genuine processed peas, you can prepare easy-peasy meals without giving up taste. 400g | 800g | 2550g / IMAGE 8- BORLOTTI BEANS A variety of kidney bean, Borlotti beans are widely used in Italian cooking and have a sweetish flavour with a smooth creamy texture. They work well in salads, soups and as side dishes. / IMAGE 9- LENTILS Already used by the Romans, lentils are largely used nowadays in kitchen thanks to their high protein content. 400g | 800g | 2550g