• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Ma-trù - Pecorino Amatriciano Forming is still done with wooden molds as old shepherds used to do as a tradition. It is a pecorino aged about 8 months which can reach up to 1 year of maturation. It is a product whose particularity is that of being seasoned in a humid environment, which allows it to refine its enveloping taste. Straw yellow color, tending to spicy, but never salty, obtained by using a strong rennet that enhances its flavor. Externally it has a smooth crust, with an irregular shape of a deep brown with shades tending to black with increasing seasoning. / IMAGE 2- Gorzano Gorzano is a pecorino made according to the ancient recipe of the shepherds. Its flavor is enhanced by the presence of a sweet rennet, giving it the right spiciness without being salty. Externally it has a warm brown crust. Cooked and crumbly paste cheese with a straw yellow color with light holes. Optimal seasoning from 6 months. / IMAGE 3- Gran Grotta Reserve Cooked and crumbly paste cheese with a straw yellow color and light holes. Externally it has a brown bark-colored crust. Once matured, the pecorino is transferred to environments where it is placed on shelves to be controlled, rotated and greased, where humidity, temperature and low lighting allow it to obtain a unique taste and to bring out that flavor intense and enveloping that distinguishes it. / IMAGE 4- Montanaro di Amatrice The Montanaro sees its birthplace among the peaks of the Amatriciano mountains. The ancient shepherds who moved during the period of transhumance used to exchange tips and practices for the realization of their cheeses and it is precisely in these mountains that Montanaro was born. It is a cheese made with the addition of sweet rennet, whose seasoning carried out scrupulously allows it to refine its decisive taste. Externally it has a crust ranging from straw to brick color. Optimal seasoning from 6 months. This cheese is distinguished by the delicacy of its aroma. At the first taste it will seem that this almost melts in the mouth leaving a pleasant sensation. It has a semi-cooked, crumbly dough with a light eye, with a bright white color due to the presence of the mesophilic ferment. / IMAGE 5- Amatriciano bow The Fiocco di Amatrice is a rounded pecorino with a rounded shape. Externally it has a light brown rind. At first glance the pasta is compact with a shiny ivory color. The slow and careful refining and seasoning process allows you to savor a mild and non-spicy pecorino with a taste full of goodness. / IMAGE 6- Loscuro di Amatrice The dark has a cylindrical shape with flat faces and a convex and rounded edge. It has a slightly wrinkled black rind due to the presence of the polymer which gives it that somewhat dark and mysterious appearance. Strong taste that remains delicate on the palate, almost melting in the mouth, not exactly spicy. The pasta is pinstriped with a splendid white color. / IMAGE 7- Rosso di Amatrice Rosso di Amatrice is a small-sized bowl of pecorino cheese Vermilion red rind, slightly thick. Soft and crumbly paste with light and scattered pearly white eyes. Rosso di Amatrice with its red color could suggest a semi-seasoned pecorino, but inside, already starting from the short maturing of 4 months, it has a strong and lively flavor. / IMAGE 8- Pecorino Romano DOP Well supported cylindrical shape, black cap with special coating agents. Hard, compact paste with a color ranging from bright white to straw yellow. Aromatic and slightly spicy flavor, more or less intense depending on the seasoning. It is produced scrupulously respecting the specification for the production of Pecorino Romano DOP to guarantee the consumer to taste an excellent product of Italian excellence. The forms of Pecorino Romano are subjected to the original marking on the whole barefoot by means of a special matrix.