• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Chilli Pecorino Semi-seasoned pecorino, with a striped straw yellow color and a thin rind. Pleasant and slightly lively flavor, for the addition of fragments of ground red hot pepper, which enhance the spiciness. The coloring of the chili pepper accentuates the clarity of the white color of the soft paste. / IMAGE 2- Truffle Pecorino With a junket shape and a clear yellow rind, inside it has a white paste and numerous flakes of black truffle, which emanate, together with the combination of milk, a deep flavor that recalls the woods in which it is born. The internal pasta, very creamy and crumbly, has a light eyes typical of all caciottas and an unmistakable aroma given to it by the truffle flakes. / IMAGE 3- Pecorino with olives A junket-shaped cheese with a soft compact and slightly sweetish texture due to the presence of green olive rings. Golden yellow rind. It needs a short seasoning. / IMAGE 4- Pecorino with walnuts Young cheese with a canestrate shape, with a smooth, yellow and thin rind. White and slightly glazed pasta with Italian walnut kernels, which make it sweet and tasty. / IMAGE 5- Pistachio pecorino It has a straw-yellow rind and a soft but compact ivory-colored paste with pistachio fragments. Sweet taste that is obtained from a short seasoning period. / IMAGE 6- Pecorino with black pepper Pecorino with black pepper has a yellow rind, canestrate-shaped, due to the striped fuscella with which it is made. Already externally we can see some black peppercorns. White paste, slightly peeked, which contrasts with the lively black pepper. The short maturing period gives the pecorino a very intense aroma and a strong taste for a sweet and spicy contrast to be savored absolutely. / IMAGE 7- Saffron pecorino Semi-seasoned pecorino with a junket shape, golden yellow rind, due to the skilful combination during the processing of the cheese