Pasta Sauces

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- ARRABBIATA SAUCE Following the traditional recipe, the Arrabbiata sauce is prepared with red chilli peppers. It enriches the flavour of every dish. It is ideal for first courses, but it is also good on a slice of toasted bread or to accompany cheese/pickles-based starters. 350g | 680g / IMAGE 2- TOMATO AND BASIL SAUCE The tomato and basil sauce contains all the typical aromas of the Mediterranean tradition. It is the simplest and most loved sauce. The intense flavour of the tomatoes and the freshness of the basil create a sweet and delicious sauce.. 350g | 680g / IMAGE 3- MUSHROOMS SAUCE A combination of chopped tomatoes and the delicate and sweet flavour of mushrooms. This sauce is ideal to season pasta and meat-based dishes. 350g | 680g / IMAGE 4- MARINARA SAUCE Made with fresh tomato pulp, garlic, pepper and aromatic herbs. Ideal when preparing simple dishes. 350g | 680g / IMAGE 5- ALFREDO SAUCE The Alfredo sauce is a delicious creamy sauce. It has become famous thanks to the Alfredo restaurant in Rome and today it is wellknown worldwide. Used to season both pasta and white meat-based dishes 350g / IMAGE 6- 4 CHEESE SAUCE A creamy sauce made from the combination of four different kinds of cheese. It is ideal to season pasta and vegetables. 350g / IMAGE 7- CARBONARA SAUCE Strictly prepared following the traditional recipe with pancetta (Italian bacon), eggs and cheese. This is one of the most appreciated sauces worldwide. 350g / IMAGE 8- TRUFFLE AND MUSHROOMS SAUCE An aromatic sauce made from the combination of mushrooms and truffle. Perfect to prepare pasta courses, meat-based dishes and risottos. 350g