• Country Origin: China
IMAGE 1- Soil honey Earth honey can supplement the body with rich carbohydrates. It contains a particularly high amount of glucose and fructose. After the carbohydrates are absorbed by the body, it can be quickly converted into energy, which can replenish physical strength and relieve physical fatigue. The mineral zinc and a variety of amino acids are also the most important nutrients in native honey. / IMAGE 2- Mountain nectar Mountain nectar is the protector of human heart and brain blood vessels. This convenience not only purifies the blood, but also clears cholesterol in the blood, softens blood vessels, increases blood vessel elasticity, can prevent blood lipids and blood pressure from rising, and can reduce arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. / IMAGE 3- Sophora nectar Huaihua nectar is the top grade of honey which has the functions of clearing heat, replenishing, detoxifying and moisturizing. Honey can be used as an adjuvant treatment for frail and sickness and recovery after illness. / IMAGE 4- Honeycomb Honeycomb honey is made by bees collecting nectar and brewing in the body. It is the original honey, which is called the best in honey. / IMAGE 5- Honey grapefruit tea It has the functions of nourishing and beauty, moisturizing throat and cough, preventing colds, and helping digestion.