Pesto Sauces

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- GREEN PESTO Our pesto is prepared following the traditional recipe, with fresh basil and cheese. A perfect mix for an authentic Italian taste. 180g | 680g / IMAGE 2- RED PESTO An excellent Sicilian variant where we have a predominance of sundried tomatoes instead of basil. A very intense taste and smell, it reminds you of the hot sunny days in Southern Italy. 180g | 680g / IMAGE 3- BLACK PESTO Ideal for your aperitifs, this pesto is produced using only firstchoice ingredients and the best olive oil. It has an intense olive aroma and a strong flavour. Recommended for bruschette, sandwiches, cold first courses, risottos and pizzas. It combines well also with hard or soft cheese and with all types of meat. 180g