Lido Casserole

  • Country Origin: Romania
IMAGE 1-Vanilla Casserole 1100 ml Not a day without laughter, not an event without vanilla! Enjoy this special ice cream, turned into a classic favourite of festive occasions. / IMAGE 2- Malaga Casserole 1100 ml This distinguished combination between raisins and a touch of rum makes your ice cream get-togethers with friends lovelier. / IMAGE 3- Fragola Casserole 1100 ml The most refined whipped cream ice cream brought to perfection with delicious strawberry bits. A tasty impulse for any sweet treat break. / IMAGE 4- Cuore Casserole 1100 ml The whipped cream ice cream meets sweet-sour cherries in the special dessert of the gods or of your evenings. For leisure get-togethers in the garden of your heart. / IMAGE 5- Choco Casserole 1100 ml Once upon a time there was a chocolate ice cream... Turn any event into a fairy tale scenario with an exceptional dessert, to finally get your happy ending. / IMAGE 6- Caramel Casserole 1100 ml With a caramel ice cream in hand you will never feel bored. Sweeten up your day with a tasty dessert or add a holiday feeling to a casual evening. / IMAGE 7-Melon Casserole 1100 ml A creamy ice cream with the unmistakable flavour of scented melon, which fully refreshes you and completely satisfies your sweet tooth.