Lido Cup

  • Country Origin: Romania
IMAGE 1-Vanilla Cup 200 ml A cup of vanilla-fragranced frosted joy. Choose the taste beyond compare of a classic ice cream. / IMAGE 2- Malaga Cup 200 ml An ice cream cup carefully prepared, with the sweetness of scented raisins and a touch of rum. / IMAGE 3- Fragola Cup 200 ml The savoury whipped cream taste meets the sweetness of ripe strawberries in a cup of ice cream, delicate like silk whispers. / IMAGE 4- Cuore Cup 200 ml The angelic whipped cream taste meets bits of sweet-sour cherries in a cup of ice cream, the perfect dessert when you sit in the sunshine. / IMAGE 5- Choco Cup 200 ml A cup of ice cream brought to perfection with chocolate. Choose the long-lasting delicious taste of a dessert that no one can ever turn down! / IMAGE 6- Melon Cup 200 ml The savour of a melon in a cup of ice cream finishes before you can say “Here I come!