Sea salts

  • Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- Celery salt Celery Salt is for use in meats, soups, stews and salads. / IMAGE 2- Garlic Salt is used in meats, soups, noodle dishes and sauces. / IMAGE 3- Himalayan black salt Treasured by great chefs, it is ideal for salads, vegetables and snacks. / IMAGE 4- Himalayan pink salt is characterized by the pink color that acquires from the minerals with which it is naturally in contact. / IMAGE 5- Himalayan pink salt with peppers mix / IMAGE 6- Pepper mix with salt / IMAGE 7- Persian blue salt Ideal for sauces, white fish, carpaccio of veal and prawns. / IMAGE 8- Sea salt The Sea Salt is special for kitchen. / IMAGE 9- Sea salt flakes Sea Salt Flakes is special to enhance the flavor of food. / IMAGE 10- Sea salt flakes with hot paprika / IMAGE 11- Sea salt with cayenne pepper is ideal for seasoning game meats. It enhances the taste of pizzas, soups, pasta and rice dishes. / IMAGE 12- Sea salt with Fine Herbs enhance the flavour of many rice dishes, pasta, soups, salads, meats and roasts. / IMAGE 13- Sea salt with garlic In meats, soups, noodle and sauces. / IMAGE 14- Sea salt with hot paprika / IMAGE 15- Sea salt with lemon / IMAGE 16- smoked salt is ideal for seasoning fish, meats and poultr.