Spicy Mustard

  • Country Origin: Belgium
IMAGE 1- DIJON MUSTARD Ingredients: We also offer the traditional mustard of Dijon, with a pronounced and spicy taste, prepared according to the traditional method of Dijon. For the amateurs of spicy sauces, this mustard is indispensable to go with warm and cold dishes. / IMAGE 2- MILD MUSTARD Ingredients: A 100 % natural and soft mustard. The natural mustard is ideal for the preparation of sauces and salad dressings but also for hot dogs. Thanks to this mustard, we differ ourselves in the manufacturing of our cold sauces. / IMAGE 3- MUSTARD WITH CINNAMON Ingredients: The cinnamon note gives you a Christmas feeling; a friendly and convivial moment to share with the family. You can savor it for example with a cheese-board. / IMAGE 4- MUSTARD WITH CURRY Ingredients: Thanks to this exotic touch of curry, this mustard goes very well with Asian vegetables or poultry / IMAGE 5- MUSTARD WITH DILL Ingredients: This mustard with dill blends very well with fish dishes. / IMAGE 6- MUSTARD WITH FIGS Ingredients: The aroma of this mustard with figs blends perfectly with roasted game, roasted pork, fried or grilled meats and salad dressings. / IMAGE 7- MUSTARD WITH GARLIC Ingredients: This mustard is ideal with roasted or grilled meat and with salad dressings. / IMAGE 8- MUSTARD WITH LIME Ingredients: Just as the mustard with orange, the mustard with lime offers a fresh and unique taste. / IMAGE 9- MUSTARD WITH TARRAGON Ingredients: This mustard with tarragon blends very well with white meats, cold meats and salad dressings. / IMAGE 10- MUSTARD WITH TRUFFLES This mustard is a delight for gourmets and the amateurs of new experiences. We’ve added a luxury touch thanks to the black truffle of Italy. / IMAGE 11- WHOLE GRAIN MUSTARD A mustard based on “grandmother’s” recipe, a smooth taste and visible grains. Similar to the natural mustard, this whole grain mustard is a perfect ingredient for the preparation of sauces and salad dressings