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IMAGE 1- Chia Chia is an herb whose seeds can be used for virtually any type of food. This comes in handy because it is a full-fledged superfood, another of the most complete on our list. Chia seeds will provide you with Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, calcium, fiber and proteins among other things. They can be consumed with anything: water, juices, yogurt, smoothies, fruit, etc. Our chia comes from organic farming so that the consumer can enjoy the highest quality. / IMAGE 2-Cous cous The cous cous is a traditional dish of Berber origin. It is wheat semolina and it is a staple food in the kitchens of North Africa. It is very nutritious, provides a lot of energy and is a very low fat food. It is also a very simple dish to cook; simply cook and add salt to accompany vegetables or meat. Our cous cous comes from organic farming, providing a plus of quality to the product. / IMAGE 3- Flax Flax seeds can be taken naturally, or in oil, and will provide a large amount of Omega 3, so it has great benefits for those who incorporate them into their diet. A food that is consumed in seeds and has many preparations contributions for the human body. Flax seeds can be used in numerous recipes, salads, yogurt, pizza, juices, bread, croquettes ... In addition, our flax seeds come from organic farming, ensuring the consumer the highest quality. / IMAGE 4- Oatmeal Oats is one of the most consumed cereals of all time. It has many benefits. It brings a lot of energy, so many consumers choose it to start the day as breakfast. It also has a lot of fiber that helps the digestive system. They can be used in any sweet or salty preparation. You can use it to make porridge, add it to yogurt or vegetable creams, smoothies, etc. Our oatmeal comes from organic farming, thus providing a higher quality for the consumer. / IMAGE 5- Quinoa It is still more complete than cereals, since it contributes components that these do not have; In fact, it is one of the most complete foods that exist. Rich, especially in proteins, but also in vitamins, iron, phosphorus and calcium, and very low in fat, it could almost form a complete diet on its own. It can be used in any dish. In addition, our quinoa comes from organic farming, to be able to offer the consumer the best quality