Classic Sauces

  • Country Origin: Belgium
IMAGE 1- AMERICAN SAUCE Ingredients: Spicy sauce with a dark orange color. A flavour that enhances the taste of red meat products for barbecues and spareribs. / IMAGE 2- BÉARNAISE SAUCE Ingredients: It is no longer necessary to present this sauce known worldwide thanks to the famous “Steak béarnaise”. The mixture of butter, eggs, tarragon and white wine confers to this sauce the overtone of “royal” / IMAGE 3- COCKTAIL SAUCE Ingredients: The combination of mayonnaise and tomato with a touch of whiskey makes this sauce the ideal sauce to serve with your fish and red meat dishes. / IMAGE 4- CURRY SAUCE Ingredients: Slightly spiced sauce with oriental flavors. Perfect for dishes accompanied with rice, meat or poultry / IMAGE 5- GARLIC SAUCE Ingredients: The combination of mayonnaise and garlic, makes this preparation the ideal sauce for fried fish or fondue / IMAGE 6- GRAVAD LACHS Ingredients: A sauce with mustard and dill. It fits perfectly with dishes made of salmon / IMAGE 7- HOLLANDAISE SAUCE Ingredients: A sauce with eggs, butter, vinegar and a touch of lemon. This sauce matches perfectly with asparagus. / IMAGE 8- PEPPER SAUCE Ingredients: Mayonnaise flavoured with four kinds of peppers, perfect accompaniment for your grilled dishes / IMAGE 9- TARTAR SAUCE Ingredients: The mix of mayonnaise and vegetables such as onions, parsley, pickles and chives makes this preparation the ideal accompaniment of your fast-food snacks, fish or meat dishes.