• Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- Chilli pepper The chilli pepper can be used as a condiment in multiple elaborations: pizzas, hamburgers, fajitas, pasta ... In addition to providing a spicy flavor, it provides many vitamins and is an antioxidant. / IMAGE 2- Green pepper Preserved Green Pepper, is easily turned into and added to delicious soups providing an intense flavor, a slightly spicy and aromatic addition your dishes. / IMAGE 3- Jalapeños pepper The jalapeño pepper is one of the most common spicy fruits in the kitchen. It is used as a condiment of multiple elaborations, and especially in Mexican cuisine. It adds a spicy flavor to your plates of fajitas, burritos, enchiladas, pizzas, hamburgers ... / IMAGE 4- Olives Our "manzanilla" green olives stuffed with anchoives are a classic with an exquisite taste. To accompany meals, such as salads, or by themselves as an appetizer. Indispensable at the time of vermouth. / IMAGE 5-Palm hearts Palm hearts are ideal eaten with salads or as an aperitif. You can serve them whole or sliced into medallions for use in the decoration of various dishes. / IMAGE 6- Pineapple Delicious pineapple, sliced or chunks, and in its own juice. No added sugar. Ideal to consume alone, in desserts or drinks. / IMAGE 7- White asparagus White asparagus isideal for fresh salads due to their low calories and high fiber content. Wealso recommend you dress them with oil and vinegar, or mayonnaise.