UNIVER Spice Pastes

  • Country Origin: Germany
IMAGE 1- UNIVER "Piros Arany" pepper cream - red gold The UNIVER paprika cream, also called red gold (Hungarian: Piros Arany), is a seasoning made from selected peppers that conjures up the unique taste and bright color of fresh peppers on the table - in every season. The pepper cream is available in a mild and spicy version. goulash cream Goulash cream spicy / IMAGE 2- UNIVER Goulash Cream "Gulyáskrém" What is special about this cream is the unique mixture of peppers, onions, tomatoes, caraway seeds and fine spices. This product contains all the fresh raw materials that are so indispensable for the preparation of a tasty, hearty goulash. The cream is ideal for preparing spicy goulash, spicy soups, sauces and sandwiches - but also as a spread and for decorating and decorating cold and warm plates. The goulash cream is available in a mild and spicy version. / IMAGE 3- UNIVER garlic cream The UNIVER garlic cream is a natural product made from fresh cloves of garlic. A mocha spoon with UNIVER garlic cream corresponds to one clove of garlic. The cream is suitable for the preparation of all dishes where garlic is essential. / IMAGE 4- UNIVER onion cream Practical and aromatic: This cream preserves its fresh onion aroma when cooking and saves the cook from the unpleasant task of peeling and cutting onions. The cream gives meat dishes, soups and sauces a fine onion note / IMAGE 5- UNIVER paprika brand "Erös Pista" - mild or extra hot Small jars with gigantic power - "Erös Pista" (Hungarian: "Starker Stefan") is made from gutted Hungarian spicy peppers. To obtain the desired degree of sharpness, the unground kernels are only added after the puree. The milder noble sweet variant "Edes Anna" (Hungarian: "Milde Anna") is made from mild Hungarian peppers. Both pastes are ideal for seasoning meat, grill and fish dishes, for garnishing sausage variations, salads and especially for increasing the level of spiciness ("Starker Stefan") or the fruity bell pepper note ("Milde Anna"). By mixing both variants, any degree of hotness can be achieved - from mild and spicy to extra-hot. In Hungarian cuisine, both products are preferred to classic paprika powder because the taste of paprika paste is fresher and fruity. / IMAGE 6- UNIVER Karikas Pista - red or green peppers For this spice paste, red or green peppers are cut raw into small rings and placed in their own juice with a little salt. / IMAGE 7- UNIVER spice mix - Flekken füszerkeverék Powder spice mix for grilled food, steaks and roasts Ingredients: Flekken füszerkeverék (roast spice mix): salt, garlic, pepper, caraway, onion Magyaros füszrkeverék (Hungarian spice mix): salt, garlic, onion, bell pepper, caraway Grill füszerkeverék (grill spice mix): salt, garlic, onion, marjoram, pepper / IMAGE 8- UNIVER Pörkölt spice cream for goulash stews The unique thing about this product is a mixture of sweet and spicy peppers, onion, tomato paste, salt, caraway and garlic. The cream contains all the important fresh ingredients that are needed to prepare a tasty and hearty goulash stew. / IMAGE 9- UNIVER spaghetti cream & pizza cream Our spaghetti cream is a specialty for all friends of Italian pasta. The pleasant flavor of the product comes from sun-ripened tomatoes and selected Mediterranean spices, which guarantee a very special taste experience. Our pizza cream is the favorite product of real pizza lovers. With this spicy mixture every homemade pizza succeeds. / IMAGE 10- UNIVER mustard Hungarian kitchens have become an integral part of Hungarian kitchens. Thanks to its creamy substance and fine taste, it is also very popular in Germany. As one of the first mustard varieties in Hungary, this mustard contains no preservatives or additives. Mild mustard - mustár csemege Mustard hot - mustár csipös / IMAGE 11- UNIVER mayonnaise The Univer Mayonnaise has been Hungary's favorite mayonnaise since 1975. The product tastes particularly delicious with smoked, cooked and roasted meat or as the basis for salads and cold buffets. / IMAGE 12- UNIVER horseradish cream in vinegar (spicy) - "Ecetes Torma erös" The UNIVER horseradish in vinegar is a finely chopped, spicy cream with a high proportion of horseradish that can be consumed with smoked, cooked and roasted meat and used for cold buffets. / IMAGE 13- UNIVER Chili & Barbecue Sauce - "Chili Szosz & Barbecue Szosz" Chili sauce: made from paprika with extra hotness for everyone who likes a particularly fiery taste Barbecue sauce: reflects the mood of summer evenings and the barbecues in the garden. Table sauce that makes every dish particularly tasty tasteful appearance: exclusive bottle shape with an appealing label / IMAGE 14- UNIVER ketchup The UNIVER ketchup is a finely seasoned ketchup with a particularly high tomato content. It consists of selected raw materials and is manufactured using a process that preserves the color and freshness of the processed sun-ripened tomatoes.